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Mark Setrakian
Mark Setrakian - the man who, according to RobotWars founder Marc Thorpe, RobotWars was created for. Designer, builder and operator of The Master 1994-1996 and The Snake in 1997. When he's not designing killer robots for battle he's designing killer robots for movies. Also the leader of Team Sinister.


This robot looks like a crab, it grabs other robots with its spikes to flip them over, it is one of the top fan favorites in battlebots, it won best engineered and coolest robot awards
-a while ago it was scrapped and put into another of team sinisters robots

Winner of the coolest robot and best engineered robot awards. Snake attacks with its head to clamp on bots and its tail, which has a large drill attached to it.
Image of the whole snake
The Master
The master is a excellent bot, one of the oldest bots competing, it is very difficult to face because it can use multiple weapons.
ex: Lexan whip, circular saw, and mace club.
It made it to the semifinals in battlebots season 2.0 but had to forfeit because of a severe motor burnout. In this pic he is seen with the mace club, below are the lexan whip and the circular saw.
The Master!
Pictured with the lexan whip!
The master!
Pictured with the circular saw!
Gigan II
Team Sinister /w Master