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Here i will place descriptions and pics of future battlebots, keep checking in for new ones!

This is a robot called havoc which will appear in the future

I have a 3d pic of this bot, but i have to convert it to .jpg or .gif, because it is a .bmp image. This bot is a wedge with a small plow on the front and some blades coming out of the sides on the back, it looks like it will do ok!

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The Unknown
This bot i plan on building in college, i dont have a 3d pic made of it yet but im working on it, it will be a box bot with 1, 1 foot blade on each side, 3- 6 inch long spikes on each corner, probably made of steel, a grappling hook on a cord hanging out the back of the bot, it will be low to the ground probably less than an inch, and i will probably use wheel chair motors also!