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Check out this cool robot merchandise!
I got these products from various sites!

Model of the popular Mouser Mecha Catbot!
Go to for more details.
Team Nightmare T's!
Official Team Nightmare T-Shirt!
Go to for more details.

Overkill Model!
A model of the popular Overkill!
Go to for more info.
Robot PC Game!
This game sounds really good and the pics are great!
Go to to find out more!

Here is a pic of one of the arenas in the game!
Boxing sumo Robot kit!
Go to for more info! -->
Spider bot kit!
<---Go to for more!
Rug Warrior-Complete Kit!
Go to and find out more!

Robotics Invention System!!
The LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System enables you to design and program real robots
that move, act and think on their own. You can create everything from a light-sensitive intruder alarm to a robotic rover that can follow a trail, move around obstacles, and duck into dark corners. The Robotics Invention System includes more than 700 LEGO pieces, infrared transmitter, light and touch sensors, motors, gears, and a building guide. LEGO Mindstorms provides you with instructions for building a working robot in under an hour, as
well as inspiration for more complex robotic inventions. Go to to find out more!!

I'll continue to search for more products! Come back and see if I have new ones!!